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"City of Angels" - $215 Per Guest
10% Off Special $193 Per Guest
45 Minutes* - Our Premium Tour Package
An extraordinary, once in a lifetime experience. Departing from the Van Nuys airport you will enjoy panoramic views of the San Fernando Valley, Warner Brothers Studios, Universal Studios and Lake Hollywood. You'll get up close and personal with the Hollywood Sign, the Griffith Park Observatory, Echo Park, Dodger Stadium, a complete 360° tour of the Los Angeles Skyline including the L.A. Live Complex featuring the Nokia Theater, and the Staples Center.  Then it's off to Hollywood, Paramount Studios, Capitol Records, Hollywood Boulevard and the Hollywood Walk of Fame  the Cinerama Dome theater, the W Hotel, Mann's Chinese Theater, and the Dolby Theater (the permanent home of the Academy Awards).  Floating gently 500 feet above The Sunset Strip you'll enjoy unparalleled views of the Hollywood Hills, the Beverly Hills Hotel, the Playboy Mansion, Beverly Hills, the campus of the University of California Los Angeles, Santa Monica, and Marina Del Rey, and then a romantic ride up the Southern California coastline, from the boardwalks of Venice Beach and the iconic Santa Monica Pier all the way up to Malibu and the exquisite Getty Villa. We'll cap the adventure off with a stunning trip through the canyons of the gorgeous Santa Monica Mountains.

♡♡ Jetboy Romance Experience ♡♡
Available for any tour.  Make your flight truly memorable for you and your special guest!
Love Is In The Air
Enjoy a Champagne toast with your guest in a private setting
prior to your flight.

                              ♥Complimentary Champagne*
                              ♥French Pastries**
                              ♥Single Red Rose

   *(Non-Alcoholic Sparkling Cider available on request)
**(Chocolate covered strawberries available in season by request)
$45 Per Couple
Must be ordered in advance.  Please inform us when you are making your reservation
if you would like to enjoy our Romance Experience.

"L.A. Walkabout" - $160 Per Guest
10% Off Special $144 Per Guest
30 Minutes* - Hollywood/Coastal Tour

This is a very fun tour that combines a whole bunch of the highlights from our One-Oh-One, and Zen Squared tours into one unique, 30 minute taste of Los Angeles. Here's a rundown of all the cool stuff you'll enjoy on the L.A. Walkabout Tour... 

Universal Studios, the Hollywood Sign, the Griffith Park Observatory, Capitol Records, the Hollywood Walk of Fame, the Dolby Theater, Mann's Chinese Theater, the Sunset Strip, Beverly Hills, UCLA, Westwood, Santa Monica, Marina Del Rey, Venice beach, Santa Monica Beach, Pacific Palisades...and Topanga Canyon. Whew, all that in 30 minutes!  (...and a few more things we'll probably see along the way).

"One-Oh-One" - $160 Per Guest
10% Off Special $144 Per Guest
30 Minutes* - Los Angeles City Tour

An unbelievable journey through this one of a kind city. Los Angeles is a city of freeways and the 101 freeway is the most famous of them all, carving it's way through the most iconic landmarks in Southern California it presents a perfect path for your tour through our wonderful metropolis. You'll enjoy incredible views of Warner Brothers Studios and Universal Studios, Lake Hollywood, the world famous Hollywood Sign, the Griffith Park Observatory, Echo Park, Dodger Stadium and the downtown Skyline, including the L.A. Live complex featuring the Los Angeles Convention Center, Nokia Theater, and the Staples Center. On our way back up to Hollywood we'll see MacArthur Park and the Mid-Wilshire District, and then all of Hollywood itself, including Paramount Studios, the W Hotel, Hollywood Boulevard and the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Mann's Chinese Theater, and the permanent home of the Academy Awards, The Dolby Theater. We complete our journey with a one of a kind look at the Hollywood Hills.

"Zen Squared" - $160 Per Guest
10% Off Special $144 Per Guest
30 Minutes* - Coastal Tour

Relax, sit back, and don't worry 'bout nothin'. This tour is all about you! The Great Pacific Ocean defines our city and it inspires this tour.   After we depart from Van Nuys we will soar through the Sepulveda Pass in the Santa Monica Mountains and directly over the spectacular Getty Museum. Perched at the northern edge of the west side of Los Angeles the Getty is amazing from our one of kind perspective. On our way to Marina Del Rey we'll see some of the most exclusive real estate in the southland, including Brentwood, Westwood and the oldest airport in Los Angeles located in the heart of the city of Santa Monica. Then it's time to take a deep breath of the rich, soft sea air that rises up to meet us as we float gently up the coast of Los Angeles, past Venice Beach and the world famous Venice Boardwalk, Santa Monica and the Santa Monica Pier, the Pacific Palisades, The Getty Villa, Malibu, and finally a spectacular flight through the Santa Monica Mountains.

"So Cal Safari" - $270 Per Guest
10% Off Special $243 Per Guest
Hourly* - Custom Tour

Be creative, be bold, think big, or leave it up to your pilot to design something special just for you.  L.A. is a big sprawling city that tumbles across Southern California in all directions, we've covered most of the bases with our standard tour menu but if you'd like to stretch your wings a bit we can accomodate most requests and design a unique experience for the most discerning of tastes.  If you move to your own kind of rhythm the So Cal Safari Custom Hourly tour is just what you've been looking for.

"HollywoodLand" - $135 Per Guest
10% Off Special $121 Per Guest
20 Minute* - Hollywood and Stars Homes
Let's go take an up close and personal look at the motion picture capitol of the world, shall we?  From Universal Studios, to the famous Hollywood sign which sits atop Mt. Lee, overlooking the heart of Hollywood itself, to the Griffith Park Observatory, and a trip down Hollywood Blvd., this is an incredible aerial experience.  You'll see the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Capitol Records, The W Hotel, Mann's Chinese Theater, The Dolby Theater, Hollywood and Vine, The El Capitan, and more!!!  And the Hollywood hills are jam packed with the homes of all of your favorite film and television stars, you'll be astounded at how the Hollywood elite really live, (Hint: It's Awesome!).

*Flight times vary based on tour selection and flight conditions, listed times are approximate.
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